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            Self checkout machine kiosk for supermarket

            Providing self service checkout payment solution for supermacket.

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            This self-checkout solution provides the shopping convenienceconsumers want and the built-in investment protection you need. Customers useself-checkout lanes for speed and more control of their shopping experience. Our self-checkout kiosks feature intuitive interface and easy to followinstructions so the customer always knows what to do next.


            These type self-checkout kiosksmost are deployed indoor various commercial places for buyers and vendorbenefits..


            Industrial PC: Intel Core i3 or could be updated, with robust mother board.

            Monitor: 15" TFT LCD with capacity touch screen.

            Thermal printer: 58 mm paper width; With auto cutter;

            POS terminal: Motor-driven, push-rod design, the POS can be protected very well avoiddamaging

            Code Scanner: Support full range of 360 degree scanning, support 1D and 2D,specialized in self checkout kiosk.

            Speaker: Two integratedspeakers; Left and right bi-channel; amplified output; Multimedia speaker.

            Other optional upon requests

            Card reader

            Fingerprint Scanner

            Signature Pad

            WiFi Bluetooth

            Cash acceptor

            Coin acceptor


            The self-checkout kiosks generally are deployed in Shopping malls, Market, Supermarket,Convenience Store, speciality stores, Boutiques.

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